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Padded Ratchet Strap

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SINGLE Ratcheting Padded Straps. Available in 10-inch, 12-inch and 16-inch sizes. Size is length of center black “pad” only. Additional sizing and customized fit is achieved with both Ladder Strap and padded strap Neck. All hardware is concealed. Strap can be tightened or relaxed on the fly. Comfort, Security, & Performance. Feel the difference!


Carbon Cover:

Moisture & Soil Resistant, Strong, Durable, & Appealing

Integrated Ratchet Strap Sleeve:

Ratchet Strap is concealed eliminating interference

m2 Ratchet Buckle:

Simple & Strong with 1/8” Incremental Adjustment

Adjustable Neck Length:

7 – 0.5” Adjustment Positions

Synthetic Leather Bottom:

Moisture Resistant & Comfortable

Concealed Hardware:

Comfort & Safety

Ratchet Strap:

1/8” Incremental Adjustment Made of Dupont Zytel ® ST 801 Super Tough Nylon

Ratchet Strap “Feeding Sleeve”:

Provides simple strap/buckle engagement.

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