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About Mobility Sports

Founded in 2002 and located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Mobility Sports is an independent wheelchair manufacturer committed to developing, fabricating and delivering custom wheelchairs and sports related equipment to the physically challenged.

As the father of a now 28-year-old son with Spina Bifida, Randy Kwapis founded Mobility Sports with the idea that there had to be more to a wheelchair than just four tires and a seat. ¬†With this in mind, Randy set out to design and develop a wheelchair that defied conventional wisdom and truly showed that innovation could be had in the wheelchair industry. From this idea, the patented Typhoon was born. Unlike other suspension chairs, which provide cushion for the rider or bounce the rider, the Typhoon was designed to make the chair push easier; after all isn’t that what every manual wheelchair user desires?

Mobility Sports continues to grow, develop and add new products.